He asked her to get out of the car and to walk with

Rising star Aoife steps out of the shadow of her Notorious brother Conor

“I kind of knew it was coming. I was lucky because I was still young. So I didn feel that hard done by. I was only in my early 20s at the time. I knew eventually that I wanted to be a make up artist. And I just felt, is my chance because I got a little bit of money that I hadn had. I thought, Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica go with it, and do what I really want to do she says.

“It wasn as if I was in my 40s or my 50s and I had kids and I had a home. There was nothing like that. I was still living at home with my parents. So I didn really take it too hard. I just picked myself up and went and did a make up course. I did a make up course because I obviously had a passion for beauty.

“And then I was extremely lucky in that I got a job with one of the world biggest make up brands, Mac. I started off as a host at Christmas, and then, after Christmas, they made me full time, five years ago.”

Aoife admits that she “couldn believe it when she got the job with Mac”. She thought she would have to leave her CV everywhere, but suddenly it all fell into place for her. “People ask me, was it like? In make up terms, it was like a little kid wanting to be a footballer and suddenly getting to play for Manchester United,” she says.

While at Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags Mac cheap replica handbags , Aoife noticed that social media “started to become a thing. Other girls I worked with started to share pictures of their work, and I started to share pictures of my work. That how I generated a following on Instagram.”

Aoife, who now has well over 100 dolabuy ,000 followers on the social media site, did mini videos of how to do certain beauty looks. The striking blonde has the look of someone who knows what she is talking about where fashion and beauty are concerned.

“I was seven or eight years of age,” she says.

Aoife would put her on her mother “big fake plastic pearls and earrings. So it was always in me,” she says of the love of, and devotion to, glamour, fashion, beauty and making herself into a goddess.

Aoife mother wasn the only member of the McGregor household who was into how they looked and how they fake designer bags expressed themselves to the world (We get to Conor later.) Her sister Erin the eldest sibling and a hairdresser by trade was also into personal style, as was their father cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk , Tony.

“My dad was extremely dapper. He loves his old three piece suits. At every family party, all my uncles would rock in with their jeans and their shirts, and I replica louis vuitton bags from china guarantee that Tony would have a three piece suit, even if it was a little party in the corner of a pub or my cousin 21st. So it was always in us from a young age to be stylish. We are all quite into fashion.”

Who did you want to be when you grew up?

Dee Devlin posted this photo of McGregor family after the press conference in Las Vegas including Conor, Conor Jnr, parents Tony and Margaret, and sisters Erin and Aoife Photo: Deedevlin1 on Instagram

Aoife has inherited her dad talent for the one liners, high quality designer replica handbags wholesale evidently. Earlier this summer, after Aoife posted a photo on Instagram with some Fendi, Chanel and Louis Vuitton shopping bags, the online trolls turned up the hate on her, with comments such as: “Keep pissing away your brother money, he gonna be one broke ass bitch one day.” Her reply was a classic put down: “Nope, having too much fun spending it my brother gonna be a billionaire.” I think a fighting commentator might describe that as a knock out blow.

“My dad is really intelligent,” she continues. “He knows all about stuff from years ago. He would be able to tell you something about that tree out there,” Aoife says pointing out the window of the Dublin house in which we are.”My parents are really proud of the three of us,” she says, meaning her big sister, Erin, and her little brother, Conor, aka MMA icon, The Notorious.

“My parents were extremely hard workers. All my life they worked. My dad was a taxi driver. They met when they were, like, 13 or 14, when they were working in a launderette just off Baggot Street. They met when they were folding sheets. Folding sheets was apparently the thing to do,” she laughs.

Aoife, who got married to Mark last New Year Eve, didn meet her husband folding laundry in a launderette. They knew each other through mutual friends. They were both in a relationship at the time they first met, but two years later, when the respective relationships ended, the planets seemed to realign themselves: Aoife and Mark randomly bumped into each other on the street in Lucan Village one day.

“It was like it aaa replica designer handbags was meant to be,” Aoife says. “My parents are together thirty odd years. Mark and I are together about six,” she says. “He asked me for my number that day and I gave it to him. He chased me for a while. He wouldn stop!”

How long before you and Mark went out on your first date?

“Oh, a good few months,” she laughs.

Were you using reverse psychology on your future husband?

“You know 1:1 replica handbags what?” she muses. “I was single for a long time and I was enjoying the single buzz. I didn want to get into a relationship. And then I met him for a coffee, and straight away I knew. I just knew.”

“He had been in my life a few years before that. We went our separate ways, and I just knew when we met again that this was it. And he knew. replica louis vuitton And that was it; we have been inseparable ever since then.” They have spent practically every day together in their own love bubble since. They moved in together. Two years on from the fateful coffee at a cafe in Lucan, they got engaged.

“He proposed in the most romantic way ever,” she gushes.

“We live out high quality replica handbags china in Straffan, and he brought me to a place where a lot of brides and grooms arrive in a helicopter, near where we live. He said to aaa replica designer handbags me, taking you for a spa weekend. Be ready at 2pm

At 2pm, he picked her up and drove to the spot. Aoife could tell Mark was nervous over something. He asked her to get out of the car and to walk with him to a tree “over there”. To which, a mystified Aoife asked, “What? Why?”

He then handed his future wife “this scroll” with a picture of the two of them imprinted on it. It also had on it how he had met her, and cheap replica handbags detailed how much Aoife had changed his life. As Aoife read to the end of the scroll, she could see Mark from the corner of her eye; he was shaking, and taking out the box with the ring in it.

And then he got down on one knee and asked the blonde beauty to marry him. Just as he popped the question on May 13, 2015, a helicopter appeared out of the sky to pick up the affianced duo and whisk them to the Powerscourt Hotel for the weekend.

“That is where we got married on New Year Eve, 2016,” says Aoife.

Aoife got her dress a couture gown by Israeli designer Berta in the Wedding Club in London. She travelled over to London four or five times, with her beloved mother Margaret, looking for the right dress.

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